Screens GTS Restorations

In 95% of cases GTS Restorations can remove this layer of build up.

Toowoomba water has a lot of calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate bonds incredibly hard to surfaces

If this water is allowed to remain on any surface, as the water evaporates, the calcium (and other minerals) have nowhere to go so they will reform back to solid state which bonds incredibly hard to the surface of shower screen glass, tiles and grout.

In 95% of cases we at GTS can remove this layer of build up by essentially grinding the contaminates off with an Eco-friendly specialised cutting compound.

The surface of the glass can then be treated with a protective coating to aid in the resistance of these contaminates re-bonding.

Using a squeegee, chamois or micro-fibre cloth plus a glass cleaner that will be supplied upon completion ensures good longevity of this service.

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