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Bathroom Restoration

Bathroom looking tired or have a leaking shower?

The price of a new bathroom is prohibitive for most of us but a restoration by GTS is a cost effective way of bringing your old bathroom back to life.

Cleaning off the layers of build up from soaps, hair products, body fats and hard water stains can greatly improve the look of your tiles.

Mouldy grout and silicone is quite an unsightly thing to have to look at while showering, not to mention the health risks that it presents, is very treatable with a variety of methods.

Mould treating is a part of all GTS Toowoomba shower restorations.

From there is where your choice of service starts by intense cleaning, colour sealing, re-grouting with standard grout and clear sealing or by re-grouting with epoxy grouting.

Then the job is finished with a mould resistant silicone sealer.

A PH neutral biodegradable cleaner is supplied to help maintain your restored shower or splashbacks.

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