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Building a new home, renovating or refurbishing a bathroom or kitchen?

Here's something to think about.

How long do you expect your grout to look like new?

If longer than 3-6 months, consider sealing the grout before it becomes contaminated.

In the case of a new shower or kitchen splash-back we suggest using epoxy grout to begin with to prevent staining and greater mould protection from the start.

If your tiler won't install epoxy grout for you, just ask us -WE WILL!

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Bathroom tiles looking tired, stained or leaking?
Bring your old bathroom back to life!

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Whether you want your tiles and grout cleaned, chips repaired, protected or grout recoloured, …

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Epoxy Grouting

Epoxy grout is fast becoming the norm for all wet areas.


Remove calcium build-up and treat with protective coating.


Domestic & commercial: tiles, pavers, concrete, ramps, wood.

Surface Sealing

There are two types of sealers.

A Topical sealer, which as the name suggests sits on top of the grout, stone or tile (if porous) and can protect against wearing as well as stains.

A Penetrating sealer will soak into the grout, stone or tile (if porous) and essentially fill up the tiny holes and gaps that makes it porous thus not allowing stain penetration.

Choosing a Sealer

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to the type of sealer that you want only in the choice of the sealer and the person applying it.

GTS Restorations only use the best quality sealers on the market whether they be Topical, Penetrating, Anti-Slip, Enhancing, Natural Look, Matt, Satin or Colour Seal and have the expertise to apply them correctly for the longest lasting results.

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