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epoxy grout toowoomba

before epoxy grout

toowoomba bathroom restoration

after epoxy grout

Epoxy grout is fast becoming the norm for all wet areas.

Epoxy grout is a resin based, non-porous product.

In showers and bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks and even out door areas where grout can fast become stained with red soil.

So, why epoxy?

Standard grout is cementitious (made from a cement base) and therefore, porous.

When grout is porous it is open to staining, mould penetration and can harbour harmful germs.

Epoxy grout is a resin based product with coloured fillers and sets to become completely non-porous making it ALMOST completely impervious to staining, mould and germs.

Why Almost?

While the products used by GTS Restoration are the best possible on the market it is still up to YOU to form good housekeeping practices to ensure the longevity of all work performed.

For commercial customers industry specific epoxy grouts can be sourced.

GTS Restorations for Tile & Grout Cleaning, Tile, Grout & Stone Sealing, Terracotta & Slate Sealing, Grout Repair & Tile Re-Grouting, Anti-slip Floor Treatment, Bathroom Makeover, Damage Tile Repairs, Glass Restoration & Glass Protection, Epoxy Grouting & Leaking Shower Repairs

GTS Restorations recommend and use Mapei Kerapoxy and Mapei Kerapoxy Design.

Visit the MAPEI website for details: www.mapeihome.com/kerapoxy